E-GH Series Range: 26Ah – 200Ah

Over the years, the gel battery has evolved into the battery of choice for system engineers and application engineers. The Energen 12Volt gel valve regulate lead acid battery by i-power is a “recombinant” battery, meaning that the oxygen produced on the positive plate recombines with the hydrogen given off by the negative plate. The “recombination” of the hydrogen and oxygen produces water (H2O), which replaces the moisture in the battery. Therefore making the battery maintenance-free, as it never needs water. The battery adopts colloid electrolyte technology, avoiding density stratification problem of acid solution and eliminating plate corrosion and passivation caused by density stratification. It is suitable for harshest of grid conditions, as the rich electrolyte inside the gel battery make it stable in high temperatures. The maintenance-free Energen gel battery will provide safe non-spillable power for a variety of 12V power applications.

Product Highlights

  • Available in 26Ah- 200Ah range.
  • 12 years design life in float service.
  • Maintenance free (no water topping-up required).
  • Spill-proof construction.
  • Wide operating temperature.
  • Low self-discharge rate.
  • Aesthetic design.
  • Cyclic discharge applications.


  • Utility
  • Telecom
  • UPS systems
  • Emergency lighting
  • Alarm systems
  • Harsh grid operations
Order-codeDescriptionRated Voltage (V)Rated Capacity @ 25° C (Ah)Dimensions (mm)Weight (Kg)Terminal Type
20h10hLWHTotal H
910-030VRLA Gel Battery 12V26AH122624.2165±1125±1175±1182±17.7T3/T10/T12
910-031VRLA Gel Battery 12V40AH124038197±2165±2176±2182±211.9T6/T12
910-032VRLA Gel Battery 12V70AH127570260 ± 3167±3210±2227±220.8T6/T10
910-026VRLA Gel Battery 12V100AH12104100407±3173±2208±2233±230T11/T10
910-027VRLA Gel Battery 12V120AH12124.8120407±3173±2208±2233±232T11
910-028VRLA Gel Battery 12V150AH12156150485±3170±2240±2240±241.5T11
910-029VRLA Gel Battery 12V200AH12208200522±3240±2218±2224±255T11