Keystone Jacks

i-connect CAT 6A Shielded  Keystone Jacks are tool-less termination RJ45 connectors suitable for mounting in range of housings from patch panels and face plates at various work stations. They come in a high quality zinc die cast housing which opens at the rear in a butterfly manner to reveal the IDC termination points. Once the conductors of the cable to be terminated are fed into a management cap, the process is completed by snapping the ‘butterfly wings’ together with minimal, but firm pressure. A choice of i-connect Patch Panel frames with either 24 and 48 port density in both black and chrome is available. They are available with 90  ̊ and 180  ̊ IDC points terminating points, with tool and tool-less design.


  • 25-year system warranty.
  • Easy termination, no punch down tool needed.
  • Meet IEEE 802.3 standard and TIA/EIA-568.2-10 Channel performance.
  • Suitable for 22 and 24 AWG wire.


  • Voice; T1; ISDN.
  • According to (IEEE 802.3)10BASE-T.
  • According to (IEEE802.5)16Mbps Token Ring.
  • According to (IEEE802.12)100VG-AnyLAN.
  • According to (IEEE 802.3u)100Base-T Ethernet.
  • 155Mbps/622 Mbps 1.2/ 2.4 Gbps ATM.
  • 1000Mbps Gigabit Ethernet.
  • 550 MHz Broadband video.

Order CodeContact PlatingCable Termination DegreeInstallationType
100-85550 µ" gold plated90 degreeWith ToolsKeystone
100-85650 µ" gold plated180 degreeWith ToolsKeystone
100-65550 µ" gold plated180 degreeToollessKeystone

* All the modules types are also available in customised colors

** Suitable with all types of Shielded Keyconnect / Keystone Patch Panels