LAN Cable

The i-connect CAT 6A Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) LAN cable takes the performance capabilities of copper infrastructure to new heights. The cables have been designed according to the ISO, EN and TIA standards and deliver reliable, high network performance over a long distance including support of emerging applications such as 10GBase-T, 10 Gigabit Ethernet.

Each i-connect CAT 6A UTP Cable consists of 4 unshielded twisted pairs which are formed around specifically designed X filler and manufactured from lightweight flexible polyethylene.

The term alien cross talk is given to the transfer of ‘noise’ between adjacent cables which can degrade system performance and data integrity. Therefore, the use of X fillers in i-connect CAT 6A LAN Cables protects against alien crosstalk and results in high network performance.


  • 155Mbps/662Mbps/1.2G ATM.
  • According to IEEE802.3 100Bease.
  • According to IEEE802.3 100Base-T.
  • According to IEEE802.3 1000Base-T.
  • According to IEEE802.3 10GBase-T.
  • Suitable for horizontal cabling.
Order CodeStandard guageNo. of PairsInner conductor MaterialOuter Jacket MaterialColourStandard Reel size
100-59723 AWG04Solid CopperPVCGrey305m
100-60223 AWG04Solid CopperCMRGrey305m
100-60723 AWG04Solid CopperLSZHGrey305m

*Customised reel sizes, lengths and colors are also available