Lan Cables

LAN Cable:

The i-connect CAT 6 Shielded Twisted Pair Cable is designed to provide high bandwidth for LAN and datacentre applications. It has a 100% aluminium foil shield which reduces background noise and minimise interference.


  • 100 Base-T4.
  • 100Base-TX.
  • 100VG-AnyLAN.
  • 1000Base-T.
  • 1000Base-TX.
  • 155Mbps ATM.
  • 622Mbps ATM.
Order CodeStandard guageShielding TypeNo. of PairsInner conductor MaterialOuter Jacket MaterialColourStandard Reel size
100-22523 AWGU/FTP04Solid CopperPVCGrey305m
100-56123 AWGU/FTP04Solid CopperCMRGrey305m
100-57823 AWGU/FTP04Solid CopperLSZHGrey305m
100-28123 AWGU/FTP04Solid CopperHDPEBlack305m
100-31523 AWGF/UTP04Solid CopperPVCGrey305m
100-56323 AWGF/UTP04Solid CopperCMRGrey305m
100-58023 AWGF/UTP04Solid CopperLSZHGrey305m

*Customised reel sizes, lengths and colors are also available