Optical Pigtails

i-connect Fibre Optic pigtails are based on single optical fibre strand that contains an optical connector, pre-installed, on one end and a length of fibre at the other end. The pigtails are manufactured with the highest quality fibre optics and top quality ceramic ferrule, to ensure low insertion loss and high return loss. Each i-connect pigtail comes with strain relief boots to prolong the performance. i-connect pigtails are available with various connectors including: SC, LC, ST and MPO in multimode and single mode.


  • Suitable for Single Mode or Multi Mode Simplex cable.
  • High quality connectors.
  • Receive and transmit legs clearly indicated.
  • Low insertion loss, high return loss.
  • Temperature stability.
  • Better quality through design validation against TIA standards.
  • Easy installation in dense cable trays with small diameter cord options.
  • All assemblies are factory tested and come with a test protocol document.
  • All assemblies are machine polished.
  • LSZH sheath complies with IEC 60332 standards.
  • Multimode OM3, OM4 and single mode OS2 assemblies have an ensured performance by Optimized-Physical-Contact (OPC).
  • Comply with IEC 874-7, CECC 86115-80 standards.


  • Suitable for connections between optical patching panels and networking equipment and also connections from devices to Local or Wide Area Network.
  • Suitable for making connection between switches at workstations.
  • Widely used to connect the trunk cable wiring devices.
  • Suitable for the implementation of Gigabit and 10 Gigabit Ethernet laser based transmissions over multimode fibre (MMF).
Order CodeConnectorMode of communicationCable DiameterJacketLength
Single Mode (9/125 µm)
105-889SC/UPCSimplex3.0mmLSZH1 Metre
105-890SC/UPCSimplex3.0mmLSZH5 Metre
105-891SC/UPCSimplex3.0mmLSZH10 Metre
105-892SC/UPCSimplex3.0mmLSZH20 Metre
MultiMode (OM4) (50/125 µm)
Order CodeConnectorMode of communicationCable DiameterJacketLength
105-893SC/UPCSimplex3.0mmLSZH1 Metre
105-894SC/UPCSimplex3.0mmLSZH5 Metre
105-895SC/UPCSimplex3.0mmLSZH10 Metre
105-896SC/UPCSimplex3.0mmLSZH20 Metre