Patch Cords

i-connect CAT 6A Patch Cords provide excellent immunity against cross talk of up to 500MHz. They consist of 4 twisted pairs of 24 AWG and are fitted with colour coded slim line moulded boots, which are suitable for use in high density router and in switches.


  • Suitable for voice applications.
  • Token Ring: 4/16Mbps
  • ATM: 155/622Mbps
  • Ethernet: 10GBASE-T/10BASE-TX
  • Fast Ethernet: 100BASE-TX
  • Gigabit Ethernet: 1000BASE-TX
Order CodeStandard GuageOuter Jacket MaterialColourLength
100-84324 AWGLSZHGrey1 Metre
100-87324 AWGLSZHGrey2 Metre
100-87424 AWGLSZHGrey3 Metre
100-84424 AWGLSZHGrey5 Metre
100-84524 AWGLSZHGrey10 Metre

* Customized lengths are also available

** All the patch cords are also available with PVC jacket

*** All customized colours are also available