Patch Cords

i-connect CAT 6 Patch Cords are manufactured using high quality, unshielded four pair CAT 6 solid bare copper pairs with matching coloured snag-less boots. They complement the CAT 6 copper solution and ensure high performance. The slim and elegant design is convenient for high-density installations. The high performance range of i-connect Patch Cords are terminated with CAT 6 Modular Plug (RJ45).  They have been designed for high speed voice and data applications and can be used together with i-connect CAT 6 Cable and accessories.


  • ISDN: basic and primary access.
  • Voice applications.
  • Token Ring: 4/16/100 Mbps.
  • ATM: 25/52/155 Mbps; 1.2 Gbps.
  • Ethernet: 10BASE-T.
  • Fast Ethernet: 100BASE-TX/T2/T4.
  • Gigabit Ethernet: 1000BASE-T.
  • Broadband video.
Order CodeStandard GuageOuter Jacket MaterialColourLength
100-68024 AWGLSZHGrey1 Metre
100-68224 AWGLSZHGrey5 Metre
100-68424 AWGLSZHGrey10 Metre
100-83824 AWGLSZHGrey20 Metre

* Customised lengths and patch cords are also available

** All the patch cords are also available with PVC jacket