Rack Mount ODFs

i-connect Rack Mount ODFs are based on sliding drawer ‘tray style’ housings, suitable for either direct termination or splicing of up to 24 fibres in 1U of rack space. Each panel is manufactured from high quality 2mm thick steel and finished in black powder coated paint, to provide a strong and durable unit. To the front of the panel, a specified number of adaptors are loaded from left to right, which also house the release latches for the sliding drawer. Each adaptor is fitted with a colour coded dust cap (black for multimode; red for single mode). Each Simplex adaptor accommodates one terminated fibre. Each panel includes a set of adjustable fixing arms and a cable management tray, which includes cable entry path, cable ties, and a 24- way splice bridge.


  • Slack storage for fibres in single mode and multimode OM3/OM4.
  • Easy termination and re-entry.
  • Good strain relief and protection for terminations of adaptors.
  • Available with i-connect pigtails.
  • Fibre connectors can be directly terminated or spliced.
  • High density- up to 96 ports available for adaptors.
  • Multiple pre-stamped cable entry positions on rear.
  • Cable tie “bridges” in base of draw.
  • Drawer style, 1 U, 19″.
  • Preinstalled dust covers on unpopulated ports.
  • Management rings and metric glands included.
  • Available in 300 mm and 220 mm depth.
  • Available in ST, SC and LC type with UPC, APC polishing.
  • Sliding design.
  • Easy handling.


  • FTTX
  • Local Area Networks (LAN).
  • CATV.
  • Analog/Digital Passive Optical Networks (PON).
Order CodeNo. of PortsAdaptorMode of communicationMode

*Optical adaptors LC, SC,FC,ST with polsihing UPC and APC are also available

**Sliding and fixed rack mount type are also available

***Duplex adaptors are also available

***Multimode adaptors are also available