T-4204 (1-3kVA)

The i-power T-4204 inverter is a full digital DSP control 48Vdc equipment designed for use in telecommunications applications where a very reliable AC supply is required. The high efficiency and compact size makes the T-4204 inverter an outstanding solution for powering all types of critical AC equipment. By incorporating a 220/230/240Vac input, as well as the 48Vdc input, the T-4204 inverter closes the gap between the traditional UPS and conventional inverter solutions. The outstanding design provides clean, regulated and continuous AC power to critical loads with the same N+X reliability as traditional DC power systems. The T-4204 inverter ensures a seamless transfer between AC and DC inputs, providing zero transfer and eliminating the need for a static transfer switch. It achieves hi-quality pure sinewave power supply with 19” 2U rackmount structure, making it an ideal selection for telecom industry.

Product Highlights

  • Pure sine wave output.
  • Full digital DSP technology to reduce harmonic distortion.
  • Wide DC input range.
  • Input isolation design, prevents inverter interferences to get into the input devices.
  • Sensitive peak current protection circuit design to protect system from damages due to short-circuit, cold load impact.
  • DC input reverse connection protection function to prevent any damage or loss due to DC misconnection of anode and cathode.
  • Fifth generation IGBT technology to achieve high inverter efficiency up to 90%.
  • Single phase-in/single phase-out double conversion design.
  • Inverter allows cutting DC inverter output during operation and turning to main power supply without power supply disruption.
  • AC starts function, used to start the system on DC power failure.
  • LCD+LED display to illustrate UPS operations.
  • Intelligent fan control and fan failure alarm function.
  • Internal temperature monitoring and protection functions.
  • Optional SNMP card available.
  • Optional i-power Remote Management System (RMS) available.


  • Telecom
  • Satellite communication
  • Networks
  • Personal computers
  • Office automation equipment
Order Code900-286900-287900-288
Rated Input Voltage Range380Vac+N+W, 3-Phase
Rated Input Current285-475 Vac
Turn Off Voltage Range45-65Hz
Start Up Voltage Range0.99
Psophometrically noiseAnti-psophometrically noise related to wide-band noise
current < 10%
Anti-psophometrically noise related to phone weighted noise current < 1%
Output Voltage220Vac
Output PF0.8
Overall Efficiency (AC-AC)>87%
Output Voltage Regulation220Vac±1% ( Static Load ) 220Vac±2% ( 50-0% Sudden Change ) 220Vac±3% ( 100-0% Sudden Change )
Output Frequency 50Hz
Output WaveformPure Sine Wave
Distortion<1% ( Linear Full Load ), <3%(None-Linear Full Load)
Output WaveformPure Sine wave
Overload> 125%: More than 10 min; > 150% More than 10sec
>170%: more than 200ms
Crest Ratio3:1
Voltage RangeSealed Lead Acid Maintenance Free
Rated Current4.5A9A13.6A
Frequency Range(Hz)46-54
Working Temperature( ° C)0-40
ProtectionsOverload, Short-Circuit, Over Temp, Utility Power
Voltage High/low, BAT Voltage High/low
DisplayLCD Display +LED Indicators.
AlarmUtility Power Fault, BAT Voltage Low,
Overload,PS Fault
Communication PortRs232/SNMP/485/ Dry Contact (Optional Accessory)
Remote Monitoring SoftwareMulti-functional Monitoring System, Online and BAT Mode Status,
BAT Fault, Remote Control
RJ45Network/FAX/Modem Surge Protection
Size (RM D*W*H)430×450×88mm/2U
Net Weight (kg)12.514.515.5