Three Phase (10-3000kVA)

The i-power AVR-1003 is a three phase servo controlled automatic voltage regulator which provides complete protection to the sophisticated equipment against the large input voltage variations. The i-power AVR-1003 is mainly composed of contact type autotransformer, servo motor and automatic control circuit. When supply voltage fluctuates or load condition changes, the automatic sampling control circuit will send signals to drive the servo motor to adjust the position of carbon brush, thus the final output voltage is maintained at the rated value constantly.

 Product Highlights

  • 3 Phase servomotor AVR Specs for unbalanced input voltage and output load.
  • Independent sensing and control of each phase.
  • Output voltage stabilised at 400 volts.
  • For input mains voltage change of (190V- 485V, 275V-480V, 310V-450V).
  • LCD digital voltmeter.
  • Ampere meter.
  • Bypass switch.
  • Over/under voltage protection.
  • Phase failure protection.
  • Designed to fit in small places.


  • Enterprise
  • Test equipment
  • Medical equipment
  • Household appliances
  • Communication system
  • Industrial automation devices
Technical Specifications
Input VoltageThree phase: 380V±20%
Output VoltageThree phase: 380V±1-5%
Supply Frequency50/60Hz
Insulation Resistance≥2MΩ
Voltage Regulation ModeIndependent phase regulation
Waveform DistortionNil
Insulation ClassH class
Method of Voltage RegulationRegulation transformer with servomotor
Insulated StrengthSingle phase: 2000V/1min without puncture
Efficiency>97% on full load
Overload RatingWithstand 200% overload in short time
Physical Characteristics
Size (D*W*H)Customized as per the AVR Rating