Wall Mount ODFs

i-connect Wall Mount ODFs are designed for high-density, secure terminations. The single and two door design ensures that the terminations and the patching are safe. The boxes have 20mm knockouts and pre-drilled fixing holes.

The wall mounted ODFs provide a cost effective and secure method of terminating fibres, where standard 19″ cabinets and patch panels are not suitable. Each unit is supplied completely unloaded – all that is needed are the required adaptors and cable management tray. The cabinet is composed of two parts- one links with i-connect cables for fusion connection between i-connect optical cables and i-connect pigtails, and the other links with i-connect patch cords.


  • Includes Splice tray holder kit.
  • Reversible cable strain relief bracket.
  • Recessed, easy-to-use door latches.
  • Easy termination and re-entry.
  • Can be used with pre-terminated systems.
  • Available in 6-96 adaptors for FC/SC/ST/LC.
  • Lockable single and double door.


  • FTTX
  • Local Area Networks (LAN).
  • CATV.
  • Analog/Digital Passive Optical Networks (PON).
  • Suitable for Outdoor and indoor wall mounting.
  • Suitable for campus backbone applications.
Order CodeNo. of PortsAdaptorMode of communicationMode

* Optical adaptors LC, SC,FC,ST with polsihing UPC and APC are also available

**Duplex adaptors are also available

***Multimode adaptors are also available