4×4 Hybrid Matrix

i-flex 4×4 hybrid matrix is based on four 3dB hybrid couplers. The multiband 4×4 high power hybrid Matrix combines 4 input signals into 4 output signals. The signals applied to any of the four input ports will be split equally between the four output ports with minimum dissipative loss. Multiple signals in the same band can also be combined to a common feeder cable, as required in a shared in-building distributed antenna system. The i-flex 4×4 hybrid matrix is manufactured using air dielectric technology and as a result offers maximised isolation with very low intermodulation characteristics over a wider frequency range.


  • 698- 2700MHz wide band frequency range.
  • Available with DIN 7-16 connector type and N connector type.
  • Low insertions loss.
  • Low VSWR.
  • High level of isolation between ports.
  • High power handling.
  • Low PIM rating ≤ – 160dBc.


  • Used in order to distribute signal power equally at its four output ports in DAS solutions.
  • Used in both indoor and outdoor applications in order to ensure signal transmission from BTS to
    RF antennae.

*4×4 Hybrid matrix is available with Female gender combination in 4.3-10 connector type.

Order CodeFrequency Connector TypePIM
517-084 698-2700MHz300WN-Female-160dBc
517-083 698-2700MHz200WN-Female-155dBc
517-024 698-2700MHz 200WN-Female -150dBc
517-035 698-2700MHz 100WN-Female -150dBc
517-040 698-2700MHz 60WN-Female -150dBc
517-069 698-2700MHz300WDIN 7-16 Female-160dBc
517-087 698-2700MHz200WDIN 7-16 Female-155dBc
517-031 698-2700MHz 200WDIN 7-16 Female -150dBc
517-036 698-2700MHz 100WDIN 7-16 Female -150dBc
517-041 698-2700MHz 60WDIN 7-16 Female -150dBc