Lan Cables

LAN Cable:

The i-connect CAT 6 Shielded Twisted Pair LAN Cables are designed to provide high bandwidth for LAN and datacentre applications. The cables have designed according to the ISO,EN and TIA standards and deliver reliable, high network performance over a long distance. It has a 100% aluminium foil shield which reduces background noise and minimizes interference.


  • 100Base-T4.
  • 100Base-TX.
  • 100VG-AnyLAN.
  • 1000Base-T.
  • 1000Base-TX.
  • 155Mbps ATM
Order CodeStandard guageShielding TypeNo. of PairsConductor MaterialJacket MaterialColourStandard Reel size
100-22523 AWGU/FTP04Solid CopperPVCGrey305m
100-56123 AWGU/FTP04Solid CopperCMRGrey305m
100-57823 AWGU/FTP04Solid CopperLSZHGrey305m
100-28123 AWGU/FTP04Solid CopperHDPEBlack305m
100-31523 AWGF/UTP04Solid CopperPVCGrey305m
100-56323 AWGF/UTP04Solid CopperCMRGrey305m
100-58023 AWGF/UTP04Solid CopperLSZHGrey305m

*Customised reel sizes, lengths and colors are also available