UPS Solutions
True Protection Online Series (Transformer based)
1 Phase In - 1 Phase Out
T-4004 (1-15kVA)
T-2000 (.5-2KVA)
3 Phase In - 1 Phase Out
T-4005 (10-40kVA)
3 Phase In - 3 Phase Out
T-4006 (10-40kVA)
T-4007 (60-120kVA)
T-4008 (160-500kVA)
True Protection Online Series (Transformer Less)
1 Phase In - 1 Phase Out
T-4104 (1-10kVA)
T-4203 (1-10kVA)
3 Phase In - 1 Phase Out
T-4105 (10-20kVA)
3 Phase In - 3 Phase Out
T-4106 (10-120kVA)
Modular Online UPS Series
3 Phase In - 1 Phase Out
T-6002 (20-40KVA)
3 Phase In - 3 Phase Out
T-6000 (10-520kVA)
T-6001 (10-200KVA)
Custom Design Online UPS
1 Phase In - 1 Phase Out
T-4101A (3-10kVA)
OM-1000 (1-3kVA)
DM-1000 (1-10kVA)
Line Interactive UPS
T-3001 (400-1500VA)
T-3002 (1-10KVA)
Online Inverter Series
Telecom Inverters
T-4204 (1-3kVA)
Long Back-up Inverters
1 Phase In - 1 Phase Out
T-7000 (1-12kW)
T-7002 (1.2W and 2.4W)
Solar Hybrid Inverters
1 Phase In - 1 Phase Out
T-7001 (1-6kW)
Automatic Voltage Regulators/Line Conditioners
AVR-1000 (Servo Control)
Single Phase (10-100kVA)
Three Phase (10-3000kVA)
AVR-1001 (Static Control)
Single Phase (1-50kVA)
Three Phase (10-2000kVA)
AVR-1002 (Relay Control)
Single Phase (1-20kVA)
Optional UPS Components
SNMP Adaptor/Card
Static Transfer Switches
Single Phase 3-32A
Three Phase 100-400A
i-power Remote Management System (RMS)
Battery Solutions
AGM Valve Regulated Sealed Lead Acid 12Volt
E-GFM Series Range: 5Ah – 200Ah
Gel Valve Regulated Sealed Lead Acid 12Volt
E-GH Series Range: 26Ah – 200Ah
Pure Gel (Deep Cycle) Valve Regulated Sealed Lead Acid 12Volt
E-GD Series Range: 26Ah – 200Ah
AGM (Deep Cycle) Valve Regulated Sealed Lead Acid 12Volt
E-AD Series Range: 26Ah – 200Ah
Battery Cabinets and Racks

E-AD Series Range: 26Ah – 200Ah

The Energen AGM deep cycle battery by i-power is a valve regulated lead-acid battery, in which the electrolyte is absorbed into a fibreglass mat. The internal resistance of the Energen AGM battery is lower than traditional cells; they can handle higher temperatures and self-discharge more slowly compared to other types of batteries. Due to their very low internal resistance the Energen deep cycle AGM battery can fully charge at a lower voltage, and accept a much larger load charge current. AGM batteries can also be discharged ‘deeper’ than conventional AGM batteries without major damage. They only self-discharge at the rate of up to 3% per month, and even after 12 months sitting idle, as long as they have been cared for, they can be recharged and put back into full service without any major damage.

Product Highlights

  • Low internal resistance.
  • Safer then wet batteries (due the hydrogen gas recombination during charging).
  • Do not require water and are maintenance free.
  • Lower self-discharge rate.
  • Longer service life (approx. 2-3 times life expectancy of flooded lead acid)
  • Higher resistance to vibration.
  • Lower deep discharge failure.
  • High quality AGM separator: extends the life cycle and prevents micro short circuit
  • Higher bulk charge acceptance rate (which means up to a 15% shorter recharge time and reduced cost than flooded lead acid).
  • 30% more cyclic life that the standby AGM batteries.
  • Designed for frequent cyclic discharge.
  • Do not require special hazardous shipping.
  • Can be used in saltwater applications.
  • Spill proof and can be mounted in virtually any position (because they are sealed).
  • Can be used inside an enclosed area, like the passenger compartment or trunk.
  • Greater terminal corrosion resistance.


  • Solar
  • Portable power
  • UPS
  • Emergency lighting
  • Computer backup
  • Frequency regulation
  • Alarm systems
  • Marine
  • Telecom
  • Suitable for harsh temperature and unstable grid environments.
Order-codeRated Voltage (V)DescriptionRated Capacity @ 25° C (Ah)Dimensions (mm)Weight (Kg)Terminal Type
20h10hL ±1W±1H±2Total H±2
910-04312VRLA AGM (Deep Cycle) Battery 12V5AH5.2590701011071.6T2
910-04412VRLA AGM (Deep Cycle) Battery 12V7AH7.37151659510121T2
910-04512VRLA AGM (Deep Cycle) Battery 12V9AH9.6915165951012.1T2
910-04612VRLA AGM (Deep Cycle) Battery 12V12AH12.91215199951013.3T2
910-04712VRLA AGM (Deep Cycle) Battery 12V18AH1918181771671675.3T12
910-04812VRLA AGM (Deep Cycle) Battery 12V26AH27.2261651761251258.1T12
910-04912VRLA AGM (Deep Cycle) Battery 12V40AH42.24019816617417912.5T14
910-05012VRLA AGM (Deep Cycle) Battery 12V44AH46.64419816617417913.8T14
910-05112VRLA AGM (Deep Cycle) Battery 12V65AH67.86535016717817821.8T18
910-05212VRLA AGM (Deep Cycle)Battery 12V80AH848032917421421925T18
910-05312VRLA AGM (Deep Cycle) Battery 12V100AH10610032917421421930T18
910-05412VRLA AGM (Deep Cycle) Battery 12V120AH12812040717421023334.3T18
910-05512VRLA AGM (Deep Cycle) Battery 12V150AH15415048417124124144.8T18
910-05612VRLA AGM (Deep Cycle) Battery 12V200AH21220052224021622264T18