Fast Field Connectors

i-connect Fast Field connectors provide a quick, simple and clean solution for field terminating SC, LC and ST connectors with polishing (APC, UPC). The connectors provide a dual terminating solution for 0.25mm and 0.9mm diameter fibers. This ‘two for one solution’ is achieved through a ‘stepped’ clamping method to the outer-coating of the fiber. In less than 30 seconds (including installation), i-connect Fast Field Connectors make other connector termination methods appear cumbersome and time consuming. The Fast Field Connectors require no specialized tooling except standard fiber preparation tools. The product has been factory-polished, to enable the preparation and termination of optical fibers in a fraction of the time compared to other conventional methods.


  • Installation time is marked to less than 30 seconds, including preparation time.
  • Available in SC/UPC, LC/UPC and SC/APC configurations.
  • No specialised tooling required. Connectors can be installed using standard fibre preparation tools.
  • Factory polished.


  • FTTx
  • OSP fibre network.
  • GPON.
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