In-building DAS

Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) are networks that enhance communication in areas that do not have good coverage. Real estate companies, building owners, and others are beginning to see wireless as a “fourth utility” after water, power, heating and cooling. Today, reception of mobile service indoors is a prerequisite in multitenant commercial and residential properties. Office environments in which individuals cannot check their smartphones or place a call during a break in a meeting or conference leave impressions—negative ones.

The challenge in both commercial and residential multi-tenant properties is that energy-efficient building materials interfere with RF signals and cell coverage is observed to be largely poor towards the top floors. For owners of high-end properties, poor mobile service coverage diminishes the appeal of a residential unit or prospective office location.

Having an in-building wireless strategy, such as a Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), is a way that many building owners are combatting this problem and improving the signals in their properties, thus increasing their perceived value by tenants, employees, and customers alike.

Treating in-building wireless coverage like a fourth utility can be a way for building and venue owners to compete in the new wireless world. If you do not have a comprehensive wireless strategy, you are likely missing future revenue opportunities and can end up spending excess money on multiple systems if not designed to work and scale on one infrastructure.

Benefits of in-building DAS

  • Improved coverage in an area that otherwise has poor signal or coverage.
  • Have fewer coverage gaps.
  • Greater coverage while using less overall power.
  • Greater safety to the public, including people who work and live in a space, as well as First Responders in an emergency.
  • Increases productivity by making in-building communication easier and more reliable.
  • Enables consistent communication across crowded venues, thus enhancing public safety, security, and helping events run smoother.

Signs your venue or building will benefit from a Distributed Antenna System

  • Frequently call drops – If cell phone calls and radio signals frequently drop inside of a building, a DAS may offer the appropriate solution. It is common for certain floors of a building to get better reception than others. If you must find a certain window on a certain floor to get okay service, it’s time to consider adding an in-building DAS.
  • People go outside the building to get better reception – If everyone in the building resorts to huddling around the lobby or outside the building to make a call, efficiency could be improved with a DAS.
  • Messages are difficult to send – Multimedia messages take more service to send and may be close to impossible to send or receive when inside of a building that needs a Distributed Antenna System.
  • You do not meet local standards for First Responder communication – It’s imperative that First Responders can communicate in an emergency from all points of your building. A lack of radio signal can impair this from happening and could lead to dire consequences.


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