Outdoor LAN Cables

i-connect CAT 6A Outdoor LAN Cable is high performance data communication cable that is ideal for outdoor applications. Shielded version is designed to protect networks from electronic interference and noise for improved performance over the full length of the cable. Shielding is achieved via polyester and aluminum foil which covers 100% of the twisted pairs.


  • Data and voice outdoor copper cabling.
  • Ethernet: 10BASE-T.
  • Fast Ethernet: 100BASE.
  • Gigabit Ethernet: 1000BASE-T.
  • Complies with EIA/TIA568 and ISO/IEC 11801.
  • Ideal product for harsh environments with improved rodent protection.
Order CodeSheilding typeStandard guageNo. of PairsConductor MaterialJacket MaterialColourFillingArmourStandard Reel size
100-559U/FTP23 AWG04Solid CopperHDPEBlackNoneNone305m
100-600SF/UTP23 AWG04Solid CopperHDPEBlackNoneNone305m
100-863F/UTP23 AWG04Solid CopperPEBlackJellyNone305m
100-864S/FTP23 AWG04Solid CopperPEBlackJellyNone305m
100-865U/UTP23 AWG04Solid CopperPEBlackNoneCorrugated steel tape305m
100-866U/UTP23 AWG04Solid CopperPEBlackNoneCorrugated steel tape + Water Blocking Tape305m