MPO Connectors

i-connect MPO connectors are a high-density multi-fibre connector system. The spring-loaded push/pull locking mechanism of the MPO connectors are easy to handle, while guaranteeing the secure mating of the connectors. The MPO Connectors are available with 8, 12, 24 and 48 channel versions, with multimode and single mode fibres. The MPO connectors with low loss Single mode; deliver high performance and reliability, required in high-speed broadband and data networks. The multimode MPO connectors are designed to support high-speed and cater to data centre applications.


  • Ultra-small and durable fibres.
  • Reliable high-density, high-performance interconnections.
  • Increase fibre density on fibre shelves and faceplates.
  • Improve and simplify fibre routing.
  • Decrease fibre management space.
  • Quick and easy connection with push-on/pull-off latching mechanism.
  • Low insertion loss and reflectance.
  • High-speed application support.
  • Meet all fibre routing requirements.
  • Housing is removable for quick change of pin clamps and easy ferrule cleaning / re-polishing.
  • Alignment achieved with high precision guide pins.


  • Telecommunications networks.
  • Broadband/CATV networks.
  • Designed for low loss and standard loss SM and MM applications.
  • Data communications networks, including high-bandwidth equipment.
  • Interconnections for parallel optical transmitters and receivers.