UPS Solutions
True Protection Online Series (Transformer based)
1 Phase In - 1 Phase Out
T-4004 (1-15kVA)
T-2000 (.5-2KVA)
3 Phase In - 1 Phase Out
T-4005 (10-40kVA)
3 Phase In - 3 Phase Out
T-4006 (10-40kVA)
T-4007 (60-120kVA)
T-4008 (160-500kVA)
True Protection Online Series (Transformer Less)
1 Phase In - 1 Phase Out
T-4104 (1-10kVA)
T-4203 (1-10kVA)
3 Phase In - 1 Phase Out
T-4105 (10-20kVA)
3 Phase In - 3 Phase Out
T-4106 (10-120kVA)
Modular Online UPS Series
3 Phase In - 1 Phase Out
T-6002 (20-40KVA)
3 Phase In - 3 Phase Out
T-6000 (10-520kVA)
T-6001 (10-200KVA)
Custom Design Online UPS
1 Phase In - 1 Phase Out
T-4101A (3-10kVA)
OM-1000 (1-3kVA)
DM-1000 (1-10kVA)
Line Interactive UPS
T-3001 (400-1500VA)
T-3002 (1-10KVA)
Online Inverter Series
Telecom Inverters
T-4204 (1-3kVA)
Long Back-up Inverters
1 Phase In - 1 Phase Out
T-7000 (1-12kW)
T-7002 (1.2W and 2.4W)
Solar Hybrid Inverters
1 Phase In - 1 Phase Out
T-7001 (1-6kW)
Automatic Voltage Regulators/Line Conditioners
AVR-1000 (Servo Control)
Single Phase (10-100kVA)
Three Phase (10-3000kVA)
AVR-1001 (Static Control)
Single Phase (1-50kVA)
Three Phase (10-2000kVA)
AVR-1002 (Relay Control)
Single Phase (1-20kVA)
Optional UPS Components
SNMP Adaptor/Card
Static Transfer Switches
Single Phase 3-32A
Three Phase 100-400A
i-power Remote Management System (RMS)
Battery Solutions
AGM Valve Regulated Sealed Lead Acid 12Volt
E-GFM Series Range: 5Ah – 200Ah
Gel Valve Regulated Sealed Lead Acid 12Volt
E-GH Series Range: 26Ah – 200Ah
Pure Gel (Deep Cycle) Valve Regulated Sealed Lead Acid 12Volt
E-GD Series Range: 26Ah – 200Ah
AGM (Deep Cycle) Valve Regulated Sealed Lead Acid 12Volt
E-AD Series Range: 26Ah – 200Ah
Battery Cabinets and Racks

OM-1000 (1-3kVA)

The i-power Outdoor Master OM-1000 is a reliable and rugged outdoor backup power solution, designed for applications where a very high reliable AC supply is required. Protected by an outdoor enclosure, the OM-1000 operates in the most severe weather conditions. With standard wall mounting and floor standing design, the installation for the OM-1000 is quick and easy due to its small compact design and lightweight.

The rackmount UPS with singe phase-in, single phase-out double conversion on-line technology is housed in a double-skinned military grade aluminium construction, providing highest level of equipment protection along with long life and zero maintenance for the cabinet. The rackmount UPS can keep power flowing under adverse circumstances, offering full-time power protection 24/7 with true online double-conversion topology. The N+1 or N+X parallel redundancy feature and the surface mounting technology provides outstanding stability and reliability. The rackmount UPS is available in capacities ranging from 1kVA to 3kVA. The OM-1000 includes 7Ah and 9Ah batteries for standard backup and can be easily customised for long backup solutions. It is available in either 120Vac or 220Vac models, each having automatic 60Hz/50Hz frequency sensing.

Product Highlights

  • Rugged design – for protection from the environment
  • Scalable – power output from 1kVA to 3kVA, with 0.9 output power factor.
  • On‐line double conversion – for pure sine wave output.
  • Advanced IGBT technology to achieve high overall efficiency up to 90%.
  • Digital signal processing control technology to optimise reliability and ensure high performance.
  • Wide input voltage (160V-300V) on full load.
  • Operating temperatures from -40°C to +60°C without air-conditioning support.
  • Smart design with 12U outdoor cabinet.
  • 4U spare space provided for load or any supporting devices.
  • Smart LCD display, allowing easy monitoring and access of UPS status.
  • Extended runtime – to keep you up and running for longer.
  • Battery size options – to tailor UPS runtime.
  • Maintenance free – to keep running costs to a minimum.
  • Silent operation – minimise noise pollution
  • Removable fan plates – to simplify servicing
  • Intelligent built-in cooling system (temperature sensing)
  • Double skin design – a cabinet within a cabinet
  • Anti‐graffiti  finish – easily remove aerosol and marker graffiti
  • Three point locking – secures cabinet against tampering
  • Seismic resilience – for reliability in adversity.
  • Optional SNMP card available.
  • Optional i-power Remote Management System (RMS) available.


  • Video security cameras
  • Traffic signal lights
  • Radio base stations and repeaters
  • Tower and obstruction lighting
  • Security systems
  • Roadway display systems
  • Outdoor emergency systems
  • Automatic gate control systems
UPS Order-code900-305900-300900-306900-301900-307900-302
UPS StructureStandard ModelExternal ModelStandard ModelExternal ModelStandard ModelExternal Model
UPS Specifications
StructureOnline Single Phase
Input Voltage220Vac
Input Voltage Range115-300Vac ± 5V
Input Frequency Range(Hz)(46-54) ± 0.5
Bypass Voltage80 Vac*(1 ± 5%)-285 Vac*(1 ± 5%)
Input Frequency(Hz) 50
Output Voltage208/220/230/240 Vac ± 3% (Inverter Mode)
Output Frequency (Hz)46-54Hz(AC mode) : 50Hz ± 1%(BAT Mode)
Dynamic Response0.05
Recovery Time<60ms
Waveform Pure Sine Wave THD < 3% (Linear Full Load) , Pure Sine Wave THD <8% (None-Linear Full Load)
Output Power factor0.9
Crest Ratio3:1
Inverter Bypass Transfer time<4ms
Cabinets Specifications
Cabinet Order-Code905-041905-042905-042905-042
MountingWall-mounting, Pole-mounting, Floor-mounting
Dimensions (WxDxH) mm600x450x700 600x600x1200
IP RatingIP 55
Cooling SystemTemperature Sensor Cooling Fan built-in
Standard LevelMilitary
Cable EntryBottom sides
Environment Monitoring SystemDoor open/Close, Temperature, Smoke sync. With SNMP(optional)
DoorFlat lock
DesignSunshade design/ Split-level design / front access and maintenance / inner temperature management, fan cooling, air-con cooling, heating module, heating film
Internal Height 12U22U
MaterialHot-Galvanzing Anti-electrostatic.
Space for Load2U4U
Battery TypeSealed Lead Acid Maintenance Free
Battery Rated volts -36Vdc-72Vdc-96Vdc
Battery Rated Units12V/7Ahx2pc-12V/7Ahx4pc-12V/7Ahx16pc-
Backup time 5-10min-5-10min-5-15min-
Charger (A) Max 161717
Working Temperature -40°C to +60°C
ProtectionsOverload, Short-Circuit, Over Temp., Utility Power
Voltage High/low, BAT Voltage High/low
Communication PortRs232 (Std.) ; /SNMP/RS485/ Dry Contact ( Optional Accessory )