Open Racks

The i-connect 2 and 4 Post Racks are ideal for the mounting of patch panels and network equipment in an open rack. The racks are manufactured from steel and are quick to assemble. The construction is of double and triple bend steel sections for rigidity and strength.

The finishing process of the open racks is done with utmost care, as steel sections are first phosphate treated and then finished in a black durable paint. The open racks are available with three profile depths, to allow for different fixing arrangements. The front of the profile accepts standard cage nuts, whereas the rear profile has 5 mm holes to permit the fixing of M6 self-tapping screws. Supplied with 30 self-tap screws, the deepest profile is 420 mm and has hexagonal hole punched in the section. These hexagonal holes provide a wide area to secure the incoming cable bundles inside or outside of the profile while maintaining airflow.


  • Baying together is easy, quick and efficient.
  • All parts are connected with screws – easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • All Racks can be designed and customized as per customer requirement.
  • Strong bottom base.
  • Degreasing, pickling, phosphating, powder coating surface finishing.
  • Material: SPCC cold rolled steel or EG steel.
  • Thickness 1.50mm.
  • Reliable structure, static loading capacity 200-500 kg.
  • Available in different posts.


  • Telecommunications
  • Data centres.
  • Office environments.
  • Server and communication rooms.


Order codeTypeRack unitDimensionsPost
100-786Open Rack18W600 x D6004
100-788Open Rack22W600 x D6004
100-791Open Rack27W600 x D8004
100-792Open Rack32W600 x D6004
100-793Open Rack32W600 x D8004
100-794Open Rack37W600 x D6004
100-796Open Rack42W600 x D6004
100-797Open Rack42W600 x D8004
100-799Open Rack45W600 x D8004
100-801Open Rack47W600 x D8004
100-802Open Rack18W600 x D6002
100-804Open Rack22W600 x D6002
100-805Open Rack22W600 x D8002
100-811Open Rack37W600 x D8002
100-812Open Rack42W600 x D6002
100-813Open Rack42W600 x D8002
100-817Open Rack47W600 x D8002


Order codeWaywaySizeRack unit
100-8186UK sockets and switch19''1
100-8197UK sockets and switch19''1
100-8208UK sockets and switch19''1

*Customised PDUs are also available