RF Termination Loads

The RF termination loads offered by i-flex are matched to 50 Ohm impedance. The i-flex RF termination load is designed to efficiently terminate power. i-flex termination loads operate in the frequency range from DC up to 3GHz. i-flex RF termination loads are manufactured with aluminium body and cooling fin design, which results in minimising temperature rise of resistive film terminating element. The standard connectors are DIN 7-16 connector type and N connector type with Male and Female combination.

Used in order to terminate the power and avoid signal leakage at unused port of power splitters,
directional coupler, 3dB hybrid coupler, 4×4 hybrid matrix, diplexer, twin diplexer, triplexer, twin
triplexer, quadplexer and twin quadplexer during installation of in-building DAS solutions.

*All RF Termination loads are available with Male and Female gender combination in 4.3-10 connector

Order CodeDescriptionFrequency RangePowerConnectorPIM
503-119RF Termination load DC-3GHz2WN-Male -147dBc
503-120RF Termination load DC-3GHz5WN-Male-150dBc
503-121RF Termination load DC-3GHz 10WN-Male -154dBc
503-122RF Termination load DC-3GHz20WN-Male -157dBc
503-124RF Termination load DC-3GHz30WN-Male-157dBc
503-125RF Termination load DC-3GHz50WN-Male-160dBc
503-127RF Termination load DC-3GHz100WN-Male-160dBc
503-129RF Termination load DC-3GHz200WN-Male-160dBc
503-130RF Termination load DC-3GHz2WN-Female -147dBc
503-131RF Termination load DC-3GHz5WN-Female -150dBc
503-132RF Termination load DC-3GHz10WN-Female-154dBc
503-133RF Termination load DC-3GHz20WN-Female-157dBc
503-135RF Termination load DC-3GHz30WN-Female-157dBc
503-136RF Termination load DC-3GHz50WN-Female-160dBc
503-138RF Termination load DC-3GHz100WN-Female-160dBc
503-140RF Termination load DC-3GHz200WN-Female-160dBc
503-141RF Termination load DC-3GHz2WDIN 7-16 Male -147dBc
503-142RF Termination load DC-3GHz5WDIN 7-16 Male -150dBc
503-143RF Termination load DC-3GHz10WDIN 7-16 Male -154dBc
503-144RF Termination load DC-3GHz20WDIN 7-16 Male-157dBc
503-146RF Termination load DC-3GHz30WDIN 7-16 Male-157dBc
503-147RF Termination load DC-3GHz50WDIN 7-16 Male-160dBc
503-149RF Termination load DC-3GHz100WDIN 7-16 Male-160dBc
503-151RF Termination load DC-3GHz200WDIN 7-16 Male-160dBc
503-152RF Termination load DC-3GHz2WDIN 7-16 Female -147dBc
503-153RF Termination load DC-3GHz5WDIN 7-16 Female -150dBc
503-154RF Termination load DC-3GHz10WDIN 7-16 Female -154dBc
503-155RF Termination load DC-3GHz20WDIN 7-16 Female-157dBc
503-157RF Termination load DC-3GHz30WDIN 7-16 Female-157dBc
503-158RF Termination load DC-3GHz50WDIN 7-16 Female-160dBc
503-160RF Termination load DC-3GHz100WDIN 7-16 Female-160dBc
503-162RF Termination load DC-3GHz200WDIN 7-16 Female-160dBc

* Termination loads are also available with other PIM ratings as well as customized power factors