T-3002 (1-10kVA)

The i-power T-3002 series is a full digitalised Line Interactive transformer based UPS. This series is highly reliable and efficient green power UPS series, with intelligent auto AVR function. It also integrates friendly user communication interface with LCD display, which is ideal for PCs, precision equipment and security cameras.


  • Personal Computers
  • Education System
  • Retailers
  • Networking
  • Security Cameras
  • E-Commerce
  • Banks
Product Information
Capacity 1kVA/0.7kW2kVA/1.4kW3kVA/2.1kW6kVA/4.2kW10kVA/7kW
Input Voltage range145~275V±5%, Single Phase145~275V±5%, Single Phase
Frequency Range40-70Hz, Self-auto tracking
Charging Current≤15 Amp
DC / Soft - StartAvailable
Genset CompatibilityAvailable
Output Voltage220V (200 / 220 / 230 / 240V), Single Phase
Output Power Factor0.7
Output Voltage Regulation220V ± 10%
Distortion<3% (Linear Load), <6% (100% Non-Linear Load)
Overload> 105 - 110% for One Minute; >110-130% for 30 seconds; >130% immediately shutdown
Crest Ratio3:1
Wave FormPure Sine - Wave
Transfer Time2-4ms
AC-AC Efficiency> 98%> 88%
DC-AC Efficiency> 83%> 85%
Software ControlAvailable
AC protectionCircuit Breaker
DC ProtectionFuses
Protection FeaturesOverload, Short-Circuit, Over Temp., Utility Power Voltage High/low, BAT Voltage High/low
Output AbnormalINV Output Auto-Locked Protection
Short-CircuitCircuit Auto Protection, Output Voltage/Current
Noise SuppressionEMI/RFI Wave filter
BAT LowShutdown Protection
Communication Specifications
DisplayLCD/LED: UPS Status, INV Status, Bypass Status, BAT Status, BAT %, Load %, Fault Messages
Communication InterfaceRs232 (Standard) , / SNMP / RS485 / Dry Contact (Optional)
Remote SoftwareMulti-functional Monitoring System, Online and BAT Mode Status, BAT Fault, Remote Control
Operating Temperature0°C ~ 40°C
Storage Temperature-15℃ ~ 60℃ (Without Batteries
Operating Humidity<95%, Non-Condensing
Physical Parameters
UPS StructureLine - Interactive, Tower
Net Weight (kg)8.516183035
Size(mm)360×147×220440 × 192 × 340520 × 240 × 460
Battery type
Capacity 1kVA/0.7kW2kVA/1.4kW3kVA/2.1kW6kVA/4.2kW10kVA/7kW
TypeSealed Lead Acid Maintenance Free
Rated DC Voltage24 / 3648/7272 / 96192
Charging Current (A)55 - 10
Safety StandardsGB/T14715 , EN62040-1
EMC StandardsEN50091-1/2, EN62040-2
Environmental ControlISO14001:2015, OHSAS18001:2007