T-4004 (1-15kVA)

The i-power T-4004 is designed to meet the power protection needs of today’s most sensitive critical loads. The modern digital control system eliminates all overloads, frequency variations, transients, flickers and blackouts. The T-4004 is a single phase-in/single phase-out true online double conversion design with output isolation transformer, which guarantees consistent and quality electrical power to protect critical applications. The T-4004 offers parallel redundant features with N+1 or N+X UPS system, total harmonic distortion THDI ≤3.5%, output power factor 0.9, and overall efficiency of 90%.

The T-4004 is known for its exceptional reliability, friendly user communication interface and high IGBT technology to achieve high overall efficiency.

Product Highlights

  • Latest high frequency switching power supply rectifier and PFC technology.
  • Output power factor 0.9.
  • Active input power factor correction 0.99.
  • Generator compatibility.
  • Wide input range from 160- 280 Vac on full load.
  • Available in standard and long back-up.
  • Latest IGBT technology.
  • Output short circuit protection technology.
  • Parallel redundancy feature to increase system reliability levels.
  • Intelligent temperature compensator system.
  • DSP technology guarantees high performance.
  • Based on sensitive peak current protection circuit design.
  • Optional SNMP card available.
  • Optional i-power Remote Management System (RMS) available.


  • Computer Network
  • Local Area Network
  • Work Stations
  • Servers
  • Banking
  • Security
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Emergency Devices
  • E-commerce
  • Elevator & Lifts


Order Code900-320900-321900-322900-323900-324900-325
Input Voltage220/200/230/240Vac, single phase
Input Voltage Range160-280Vac
Input Frequency Range50Hz±5%
Output Voltage220/200/230/240Vac
Output Power Factor0.9
Overall Efficiency (AC-AC)>85%
Output WaveformPure Sine Wave
Crest Ratio3:1
Short-CircuitCircuit Auto Protection, Bypass Switch Tripping
Output AbnormalINV. Output Auto-Locked Protection
Static Bypass Transfer Time0ms
Battery TypeSealed Lead Acid Maintenance Free
Battery Rated Volts/Unit48Vdc72Vdc96Vdc192Vdc192Vdc192Vdc
Charging current 7A 7A7A5A5A5A
BAT LowShutdown Protection
Size mm(W*D*H)220*510*395210*610*475310*655*790
Net Weight (kg)25262976105125
Working Temperature( ⁰C) -10° to +40°
ProtectionsOverload, Short-Circuit, Over Temp., Utility Power Voltage High/low, BAT Voltage High/low
DisplayLCD Display +LED Indicators
Cooling SystemIntelligent speed control cooling fan
Communication PortRs232/SNMP/485/ Dry Contact (Optional Accessory)
Remote Monitoring SoftwareMulti-functional Monitoring System, Online and BAT Mode Status, BAT Fault, Remote Control
AlarmUtility Power Fault, BAT Voltage Low, Overload, PS Fault