UPS Solutions
True Protection Online Series (Transformer based)
1 Phase In - 1 Phase Out
T-4004 (1-15kVA)
T-2000 (.5-2KVA)
3 Phase In - 1 Phase Out
T-4005 (10-40kVA)
3 Phase In - 3 Phase Out
T-4006 (10-40kVA)
T-4007 (60-120kVA)
T-4008 (160-500kVA)
True Protection Online Series (Transformer Less)
1 Phase In - 1 Phase Out
T-4104 (1-10kVA)
T-4203 (1-10kVA)
3 Phase In - 1 Phase Out
T-4105 (10-20kVA)
3 Phase In - 3 Phase Out
T-4106 (10-120kVA)
Modular Online UPS Series
3 Phase In - 1 Phase Out
T-6002 (20-40KVA)
3 Phase In - 3 Phase Out
T-6000 (10-520kVA)
T-6001 (10-200KVA)
Custom Design Online UPS
1 Phase In - 1 Phase Out
T-4101A (3-10kVA)
OM-1000 (1-3kVA)
DM-1000 (1-10kVA)
Line Interactive UPS
T-3001 (400-1500VA)
T-3002 (1-10KVA)
Online Inverter Series
Telecom Inverters
T-4204 (1-3kVA)
Long Back-up Inverters
1 Phase In - 1 Phase Out
T-7000 (1-12kW)
T-7002 (1.2W and 2.4W)
Solar Hybrid Inverters
1 Phase In - 1 Phase Out
T-7001 (1-6kW)
Automatic Voltage Regulators/Line Conditioners
AVR-1000 (Servo Control)
Single Phase (10-100kVA)
Three Phase (10-3000kVA)
AVR-1001 (Static Control)
Single Phase (1-50kVA)
Three Phase (10-2000kVA)
AVR-1002 (Relay Control)
Single Phase (1-20kVA)
Optional UPS Components
SNMP Adaptor/Card
Static Transfer Switches
Single Phase 3-32A
Three Phase 100-400A
i-power Remote Management System (RMS)
Battery Solutions
AGM Valve Regulated Sealed Lead Acid 12Volt
E-GFM Series Range: 5Ah – 200Ah
Gel Valve Regulated Sealed Lead Acid 12Volt
E-GH Series Range: 26Ah – 200Ah
Pure Gel (Deep Cycle) Valve Regulated Sealed Lead Acid 12Volt
E-GD Series Range: 26Ah – 200Ah
AGM (Deep Cycle) Valve Regulated Sealed Lead Acid 12Volt
E-AD Series Range: 26Ah – 200Ah
Battery Cabinets and Racks

T-4007 (60-120kVA)

 The i-power T-4007 is a multi CPU, full digitised control technology three phase-in/three phase-out true online double conversion UPS system. It has parallel redundancy feature with an isolated transformer, which ensures high reliability and stability. The T-4007 is designed with a wide input voltage range to handle voltage fluctuating situations and a high accuracy output voltage to fail-safe your equipment. The isolation transformer in the T-4007 effectively suppresses and isolates utility surge voltage and impacts to load devices.

The T-4007 is available in capacities from 60kVA to 120kVA. By adopting the latest IGBT technology, this device is able to offer excellent voltage-switching characteristics during generator operation. In addition, this device comes with a parallel redundant system that allows two UPS models to operate in parallel and as backup for each other.

Product Highlights

  • Advanced IGBT inverter technology.
  • Wide input range from 285Vac – 475Vac.
  • Overall system efficiency >85%.
  • DSP technology to guarantee high performance.
  • Output power factor 0.9.
  • Generator compatibility.
  • Full digitised non-master slave parallel redundancy technology.
  • User friendly and intuitive interface.
  • Intelligent charging management design.
  • Intelligent fault diagnostic system with large storage memory.
  • Built-in output isolated transformer.
  • Multi communication interface integrated (RS232, RS485, etc.)
  • Large LCD touch screen with multi-functional buttons.
  • MCU control to operate all power conversion sessions during operations.
  • Built-in output isolated transformer.
  • Optional SNMP card available.
  • Optional i-power Remote Management System (RMS) available.


  • Datacentre
  • Airports
  • Telecoms
  • Industry
  • Storage facilities
  • Healthcare
  • Airports
  • Elevator & lifts
  • Mass transit systems
  • Emergency devices
Order Code900-343900-344900-345900-346
Input Voltage Range285-475Vac
Input Voltage380Vac N+W, 3 phase
Input Frequency Range45-65Hz
Input Current100125165192
Output VoltageLine Voltage: 380×(1±1%)AC or Phase Voltage: 220×(1±1%)AC
Output Power Factor0.9
Overall Efficiency (AC-AC)>85%
Distortion<1%(Linear Full Load),< 3%(Non-Linear Full Load)
Overload > 125%: More than 10 mins; > 150%: More than 60 Secs
Crest Ratio3:1
Output WaveformPure Sine Wave
Static Bypass Transfer Time0ms
Static Bypass input Range 380Vac(-15~+15%)
Manual Maintenance BypassAvailable
Battery TypeSealed Lead Acid Maintenance Free
Rated Volts/Units12V,384Vdc/32 Units
BAT LowShutdown Protection
Working Temperature( ⁰C)-10° to +40°
ProtectionsOverload, Short-Circuit, Over Temp.,
Utility Power Voltage High/low, BAT Voltage High/low
DisplayLCD Display +LED Indicators
Cooling SystemIntelligent speed control cooling fan
Communication PortRs232/SNMP/485/ Dry Contact (Optional Accessory)
Remote Monitoring SoftwareMulti-functional Monitoring System,
Online and BAT Mode Status, BAT Fault, Remote Control
Size mm(W*D*H)800*1385*755800*1800*878
Net weight (kg)450550630750