UPS Solutions
True Protection Online Series (Transformer based)
1 Phase In - 1 Phase Out
T-4004 (1-15kVA)
T-2000 (.5-2KVA)
3 Phase In - 1 Phase Out
T-4005 (10-40kVA)
3 Phase In - 3 Phase Out
T-4006 (10-40kVA)
T-4007 (60-120kVA)
T-4008 (160-500kVA)
True Protection Online Series (Transformer Less)
1 Phase In - 1 Phase Out
T-4104 (1-10kVA)
T-4203 (1-10kVA)
3 Phase In - 1 Phase Out
T-4105 (10-20kVA)
3 Phase In - 3 Phase Out
T-4106 (10-120kVA)
Modular Online UPS Series
3 Phase In - 1 Phase Out
T-6002 (20-40KVA)
3 Phase In - 3 Phase Out
T-6000 (10-520kVA)
T-6001 (10-200KVA)
Custom Design Online UPS
1 Phase In - 1 Phase Out
T-4101A (3-10kVA)
OM-1000 (1-3kVA)
DM-1000 (1-10kVA)
Line Interactive UPS
T-3001 (400-1500VA)
T-3002 (1-10KVA)
Online Inverter Series
Telecom Inverters
T-4204 (1-3kVA)
Long Back-up Inverters
1 Phase In - 1 Phase Out
T-7000 (1-12kW)
T-7002 (1.2W and 2.4W)
Solar Hybrid Inverters
1 Phase In - 1 Phase Out
T-7001 (1-6kW)
Automatic Voltage Regulators/Line Conditioners
AVR-1000 (Servo Control)
Single Phase (10-100kVA)
Three Phase (10-3000kVA)
AVR-1001 (Static Control)
Single Phase (1-50kVA)
Three Phase (10-2000kVA)
AVR-1002 (Relay Control)
Single Phase (1-20kVA)
Optional UPS Components
SNMP Adaptor/Card
Static Transfer Switches
Single Phase 3-32A
Three Phase 100-400A
i-power Remote Management System (RMS)
Battery Solutions
AGM Valve Regulated Sealed Lead Acid 12Volt
E-GFM Series Range: 5Ah – 200Ah
Gel Valve Regulated Sealed Lead Acid 12Volt
E-GH Series Range: 26Ah – 200Ah
Pure Gel (Deep Cycle) Valve Regulated Sealed Lead Acid 12Volt
E-GD Series Range: 26Ah – 200Ah
AGM (Deep Cycle) Valve Regulated Sealed Lead Acid 12Volt
E-AD Series Range: 26Ah – 200Ah
Battery Cabinets and Racks

T-6000 (10-520kVA)

The i-power T-6000 is a state of the art high frequency, on-line double conversion UPS. It contains full digital signal processing controlled technology, which ensures that a true sinusoidal power is delivered to the critical application. The design of the T-6000 Series is truly ingenious, combining ground breaking electronics, software and mechanical design, to deliver excellence at every level. The offered output power capacity is from 10kVA to 520kVA, with three phase-input and three phase-output, 0.9 power factor.

Product Highlights

  • High frequency double conversion on-line UPS.
  • Advanced PFC technology.
  • 3U frame, rack mounted and tower convertible.
  • Each module is available in 10/15/20/25/30/40 kVA.
  • EPO function.
  • Wide input voltage range.
  • Fully digitised microprocessor control.
  • Parallel capacity or redundancy (maximum 4 units).
  • Advance battery management.
  • Lightning and surge protection, short circuit and overload protection.
  • Multilingual LCD and LED display.
  • Open architecture design provides full access for servicing.
  • Short circuit and overload protection.
  • Over temperature and over humidity protection.
  • Emergency power off function.
  • Low THDi and high input power factor for diverse generator compatibility.
  • EMI/RFI noise filter.
  • Smart RS232 communication with monitoring software.
  • Optional i-power Remote Management System (RMS) available.
  • Optional SNMP card.


  • Data centres
  • IT
  • Financial centres
  • Healthcare
  • Education
Capacity (KVA)60100200250150300400520
Power Module Order code900-197 / 900-198 / 900-189/ 900-132900-200900-200 / 900-201900-202
Power Module Capacity (KVA)10/15/202525 / 3040
Nominal Voltage 380/400/415 Vac (3Ph+N+PE)
Operating Voltage Range208-478 Vac
Frequency Range40-70Hz
Power Factor≥ 0.99
THDi2% (100% non-linear load)
Generator InputSupported
Power Factor0.9
Voltage380/400/415 Vac (3Ph+N+PE)
Frequency RangeLine mode: ±1%, ±2%, ±4%, 5%, ±10% of the rated frequency
Battery mode: 50/60Hz±0.1%
Voltage Regulation ±1
Crest Ratio0.125694444444
THDv≤ 2% with linear load, ≤ 5% with non-linear load
Transfer time0ms
Battery Voltage±192/±204/±216/±228/±240Vdc, Battery Quantity (Optional)
Cabinet Charge Current 18A (Max)30A (Max)60A (Max)60A (Max)50A (Max)100A (Max)100A (Max)130A (Max)
Module Charge Current 6A (Max) (Charge current can be set according to battery capacity installed )6A (Max)25KVA: 6A (Max) / 30KVA: 10A (Max)10A (Max)
Communication InterfaceUPS Cabinet: RS232, RS485, Dry contact, intelligent slot x 2; Module RS232
Operating Temeperature (°C)0-40
Relative Humidity 0-95% No condensation
Module Size (mm) (DxWxH)443*580*131 (3U)
Module Weight (kg)10KVA: 26 / 15KVA: 30 / 20KVA:3125KVA: 32 / 30KVA: 33.5 / 40KVA:34
Cabinet size (mm) (WxDxH)840*600*14001100*600*20001100*600*2000840*600*14001100*600*2000860*1200*2000
Cabinet Weight (kg)149152290290170307514