T-7001 (1-6kW)

The T-7001 all-in-one solar inverter series will get the most out of your solar panels in all conditions. This means not only a great performance in blazing sunshine, but also the best possible yield on cloudy days. The i-power T-7001 is a compact, user-friendly single phase-in/single phase-out solar power unit with built-in isolation transformer and MPPT solar controller. It is a pure sine wave, hybrid inverter system with switchable 50/60Hz frequencies, providing power for every need. The T-7001 is designed with a built-in charger controller that facilitates proper charging of the battery; enhancing the overall lifespan of the battery. The T-7001 solar unit offers the flexibility to be powered by regular AC supply, solar PV, generator modules or via the installed battery. It is also self-consumption ready, able to prioritise solar consumption over the gird, while maintaining zero grid export.

Product Highlights

  • Full digitised off-grid solar system solution.
  • Pure sine wave output.
  • Up to 95% overall efficiency.
  • Output power factor 0.9.
  • Low frequency design.
  • Built-in output isolation transformer.
  • Remote control and RS232 communication port.
  • Large LCD display with LED indicators.
  • Power saver mode.
  • Four stage smart charging mode, charging current adjustable automatically.
  • Overload protection and short circuit protection in battery mode
  • Optional DIP switch.
  • Manual input control and output breakers.
  • AC grid mode; AC bypass supplies load when AC is normal, battery invert AC supplies load when AC is off.
  • Built-in MPPT solar controller.
  • Wall-mount design.
  • Available in capacities from 1kVA to 6kVA.


  • Enterprise
  • NT stations
  • IT applications
  • Security
  • Banking
  • Education
  • E-commerce
  • Solar street lights
  • Mobile solar power system
  • DC wind solar generation system
  • Solar power stations
  • Retail
Capacity (W)5001000150020003000400050006000
Input Voltage100/120/220/240Vac
Input Voltage Range95-127Vac/194-253Vac
Input Frequency50Hz/60Hz (Auto-Tracking)
Phase & WaveformSingle phase & Sinewave
Input Frequency range48-54Hz/58-64Hz
Phase & WaveformPure Sine Wave
Output Voltage100vac/120vac/220vac/230vac Single Phase (AC Mode is Tracking Line Power) (Sync to input on AC Mode)
Output Frequency range46-54Hz
Output WaveformPure Sine Wave
Peak Power Ratio3:1
Output Frequency50/60Hz (Auto Tracking)
Battery Voltage12Vdc/24Vdc12Vdc/24Vdc/48Vdc24Vdc/48Vdc
DC Input Voltage10-16V/20-32V/40-64V
Over charging15.7V/31.4V/62.8V
Max charging current20A-75A
Battery Type GEL, AGM sealed lead acid
PV Input Voltage15-30Vdc/30-55Vdc
Maximum Charging Current20A/30A/40A/50A
MAX.output current (DC loads)15A
Size (RM D*W*H)486*400*181486×432×1181
Net Weight (kg)1619202428394949
Design StructureBAT/AC Mode Selectable
External StructureOutput Isolated Transformer Design,Wall Mounted
Overall Efficiency MPPT Efficiency >95%
Line Mode >95%
BAT Mode >85%
Power Saver: Available when the load is less than 50watts
Working Temperature( ⁰C)0-40
ProtectionsOverload, Over Temp, Over Voltage
Transfer Time10ms
Large LCD DisplayInput voltage, output voltage/frequeneny, battery voltage,load
Working Mode AC power priority (1-6)/battery power priority(7-9)
Communication PortRJ11/RS232(Optional)