Why CAT6A is THE Cable for your Network

—-With the need for higher speeds and bandwidth-intensive applications, going above and beyond the 100Mbps to 1 Gbps mark. CAT 6A twisted-pair copper has gradually become the ultimate one-stop “category” of LAN cables to be relied on. Where CAT 5e and CAT 6 networks fail to deliver, CAT 6A, being a 500MHz cabling system, is designed to meet the criteria for 10 Gigabit applications in all its one size fits all glory which can serve as a reliable backbone for the enterprise of today and tomorrow.

Higher frequency results in higher noise. As CAT 6A is a 500 MHz cabling system, which is twice the frequency of CAT 6 and four times that of CAT 5e, controlling noise isolation and alien crosstalk is crucial to the performance of the network. In order for this to happen, the cable size has to be ideally larger. Since larger cable sizes have proven to be a cause of nuisance for engineers when fitting cables in the existing cable trays, the issue of cables covering more space comes into question. CAT 6A takes care of this by being only 15% percent larger than its predecessors, with a fairly small bend radius allowing for air flow and proper heat dissipation in tighter spaces and a larger conductor diameter which ensures reduced resistance and keeps power wastage to a minimum when compared to the lower gauge CAT 5e and CAT 6 cables.

With the ability to cater up to 10 Gb/s over 100m, CAT 6A is definitely here to stay and is capable to cater for futuristic applications. These include but are not limited to:

4-Pair Power over Ethernet (PoE); which takes full use of all four pairs to deliver power.
Next-Gen Wi-Fi; where devices would require intensive data rates nearing 4Gbps over the next few years. Having CAT 6A installed now, means you’re all set.
Data loads and demand for massive data rates are sky-rocketing on converged IP networks; CAT 6A ensures peace of mind as it can handle these data peaks conveniently.
As CAT 6A has the ability to handle power and distance requirements, it is compatible with the “Triple play service” technology. This technology enables transmission of uncompressed audio, HD video, Ethernet and power, all in one for a distance up to 100 meters.

i-connect CAT 6A shielded and unshielded solutions consist of all the necessary high quality and reliable components, with cables designed according to ISO,EN and TIA standards which deliver reliable, high network performance over a long distance with full support for emerging applications. i-connect CAT6A LAN cables protect against alien crosstalk. It is easy to install the cable, requiring no specialist installation tools and is supplied in scrap free packaging for fast, snag free installation. Peace of mind is ensured as i-connect provides 25 year warranty on all CAT6A products. Our solutions are cost-effective – having qualities such as smaller cable diameter to save up on space and weight; fewer twists in the pair that are easy to terminate and easy to separate; additional flexibility and smaller bend radius for tighter work spaces and closed area installations; reduced power losses – resulting in an economical investment while future proofing your network!!


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