3dB Hybrid Coupler


i-flex 3dB hybrid couplers are specifically designed to meet the requirements of the wireless industry. The i-flex 3dB hybrid coupler is a specialised coupler that has two inputs and outputs that combines two channels from different service providers to a single antenna or distribution cable. The i-flex 3dB Hybrid couplers are used in applications requiring a balanced division of power into two transmission lines. In applications where two similar feeds are required such as in the in-building application, where both outputs maybe used.


  • Wide band frequency range (698-2700MHz).
  • DIN 7-16 connector type and N connector type.
  • Low insertion loss.
  • High level of isolation between ports.
  • High power handling.
  • Low VSWR.
  • Low PIM rating ≤ -160dBc.
  • High reliability of signals.


  • Used to distribute signal power equally at its two output ports in DAS solutions.
  • Used in equipment room to combine transmitter signal (Tx), as well as receiver signal (Rx), through
    its two input ports in order to further distribute the RF signal in Transceiver form (TRx) at both
    output ports.

*3dB Hybrid couplers are available with Female gender combination in 4.3-10 connector type

Order CodeFrequency Connector TypePIM
517-033 698-2700MHz 200WN-Female -155dBc
517-042 698-2700MHz200WN-Female -150dBc
517-038 698-2700MHz300WN-Female -150dBc
517-057698-2700MHz200WDIN 7-16 Female-160dBc
517-034 698-2700MHz 200WDIN 7-16 Female -155dBc
517-043 698-2700MHz200WDIN 7-16 Female -150dBc
517-025 698-2700MHz 300WDIN 7-16 Female -150dBc