i-connect is the future-ready brand of Interconnect Solutions, which deals in network infrastructure passives. i-connect is recognized in the market as a brand which develops high quality, high performance and reliable products. Whether  you  are  adding  products,  upgrading  your  existing network, or opening a new location, i-connect quality products will allow  your  company  to  function  at its  peak  efficiency.

i-connect offers  the  most  advanced  line  of  high  quality  products & solutions,  which  include  Class CAT 6,  Cat  6A structured cabling and a range of fibre optic solutions. Our state of the art structured cabling solution comes with a 25 year system warranty and guarantees top performance, maximum    network    speed,    data    throughput    and    high efficiency.  All our cables support Gigabit Ethernet protocols and comply with international standards.   i-connect products are engineered to deliver unparalleled performance based on product    quality    and    use    of    advance    state    of    the    art manufacturing techniques.

We stock a comprehensive range of indoor and outdoor passive products for every conceivable application. All product types illustrated are considered as standard items and are always available for delivery.

We have an experienced and dedicated team of people available, who are willing to assist and advice. Furthermore, our business policy of continuing investment in the best available product technology, product handling, warehouse management and delivery procedures, enables us to guarantee an extremely high quality product as well as high quality service to all our customers.

We welcome enquiries from customers worldwide. Our export services are reliable and highly efficient, with the ability to ship the products safely by sea or air to any desired destination across the globe.

For queries please email us at i-connect@i-sol.co.uk