High Power Directional Couplers


i-flex RF high power directional couplers are passive devices that are used to distribute the signal unequally as per requirement. They offer excellent performance across a wide range of popular frequency bands. It takes a single signal, as the main input and provides two outputs, one being output port and the other being the coupled port. i-flex high power directional couplers can handle high powers up to 300W, combined with outstanding return loss, low insertion loss and excellent VSWRand low PIM rating. Our directional couplers are found to be exceptional in high power applications where reduction in heat dissipation and system noises are required.


  • Wide band frequency (698 MHz-2700MHz).
  • Low insertion loss.
  • Exceptional directivity (up to 40 dB).
  • Rugged shielded case.
  • DIN connector type and N connector type for all models.
  • Low VSWR.
  • Low PIM rating ≤ -160dBc.


  • In order to distribute unequal power within a particular in-building DAS solutions.
  • Used by RF designers in order to achieve unequal distribution of high power signals for the design
    of DAS solutions.

*All High power directional couplers are available with Female gender combination in 4.3-10
connector type

Order CodeTechnical specifications
506-147506-148506-149506-150 698-2700MHz 300WN-Female -160dBc
506-182506-098506-183506-184 698-2700MHz200WN-Female-155dBc
506-107506-095506-108506-109 698-2700MHz 200WN-Female -150dBc
506-127506-128506-129506-130 698-2700MHz 300WN-Female -150dBc
506-157506-158506-159506-160 698-2700MHz 300WDIN 7-16 Female-160dBc
506-188506-189506-190506-191 698-2700MHz200WDIN 7-16 Female-155dBc
506-112506-113506-114506-169 698-2700MHz 200WDIN 7-16 Female -150dBc
506-137506-138506-139506-140 698-2700MHz 300WDIN 7-16 Female -150dBc
Order CodeTechnical specifications
506-151506-199506-152506-153 698-2700MHz 300WN-Female -160dBc
506-099506-185506-186506-100 698-2700MHz 200WN-Female -155dBc
506-096506-174506-177506-097 698-2700MHz 200WN-Female -150dBc
506-131506-180506-132506-133 698-2700MHz 300WN-Female -150dBc
506-161506-200506-162506-163 698-2700MHz 300WDIN 7-16 Female-160dBc
506-192506-193506-194506-195 698-2700MHz200WDIN 7-16 Female-155dBc
506-115506-178506-179506-116 698-2700MHz 200WDIN 7-16 Female -150dBc
506-141506-181506-142506-143 698-2700MHz 300WDIN 7-16 Female -150dBc
Order CodeTechnical specifications
506-154506-155506-156 698-2700MHz 300WN-Female -160dBc
506-175506-176506-187 698-2700MHz200WN-Female-155dBc
506-110506-111506-168 698-2700MHz 200WN-Female -150dBc
506-134506-135506-136 698-2700MHz 300WN-Female -150dBc
506-164506-165506-166 698-2700MHz 300WDIN 7-16 Female-160dBc
506-196506-197506-198 698-2700MHz200WDIN 7-16 Female-155dBc
506-117506-118506-120 698-2700MHz 200WDIN 7-16 Female -150dBc
506-144506-145506-146 698-2700MHz 300WDIN 7-16 Female -150dBc