Optical Adaptors

i-connect Optical adaptors comprise of a polymer and metal outer body and an inner assembly fitted with a precision alignment mechanism. The combination of a ceramic and phosphor bronze alignment sleeve and precision molded polymer housing provides consistent long term mechanical as well as optical performance. The adaptors are available in FC, SC, ST and LC.


  • Compact design.
  • High precision alignment.
  • Good repeatability and interchangeability.
  • Good environmental stability.
  • Dust caps included.


  • Fibre optic communication network.
  • Optical broadband network.
Order CodeModeSleeve MaterialHousing MaterialShape
FC - FC Adaptor
101-044SMZirconiaMetal (Zinc alloy)Square
101-046SMZirconiaMetalThread type/Single D
101-048SMZirconiaMetalThread type/Double D
101-045MMBronzeMetal (Zinc alloy)Square
101-047MMBronzeMetalThread type/Single D
101-049MMBronzeMetalThread type/Double D
SC - SC Adaptor
Order CodeModeSleeve MaterialHousing Material / ColourShape
101-050SMZirconiaPlastic / BlueFlanged type
101-051MMBronzePlastic / BeigeFlanged type
101-052MMBronzePlastic / BlueFlanged type
ST -ST Adaptor
Order CodeModeSleeve MaterialHousing MaterialShape
101-056SMZirconiaMetalThreaded type
101-057MMMetalMetalThreaded type
LC - LC Adaptor
Order CodeModeSleeve MaterialHousing MaterialShape
101-058SMZirconiaPlasticFlanged type
101-059MMBronzePlasticFlanged type

* All above adaptors are also available in duplex