Quadplexer & Twin Quadplexer

i-flex quadplexer and twin-quadplexer each combines GSM 900MHz, DCS 1800MHz, UMTS 2100MHz, LTE 2600MHz bands onto common output ports. Specifically intended for use in multi-band systems where high level of isolations between systems is required. The i-flex quadplexer & twin quadplexer provide full band performance for each band with low insertion loss, low intermodulation, low VSWR and high power handling. The quadplexer is based on four inputs and one output, whereas the twin quadplexer is based on eight inputs and two outputs. The i-flex quadplexers are an ideal product for indoor and outdoor applications.


  • DIN 7-16 connector type and N connector type are available.
  • Low insertion loss.
  • High level of isolation between ports.
  • Low VSWR.
  • Low PIM rating ≤ -160dBc.
  • Combines and transmits signals efficiently with minimum dissipative loss.


  • Used to accommodate multi-services provided by the operators between 698-960MHz, 1710-1880MHz, 1920-2170MHz and 2300-2700MHz.
  • Used in both indoor and outdoor applications for signal transmission from BTS to RF antennae in DAS solutions.
  • Used in equipment room next to signal source, to combine different frequency bands of one operator or different frequency bands from multi-operators
  • The input signals are further distributed in one signal at one output port of quadplexer and two output ports of twin quadplexer.
  • *All quadplexer and twin quadplexer are available with Female gender combination in 4.3-10
    connector type.

    517-072698-960/1710-1880/1920-2170/2300-2700MHz300WDIN 7-16 Female-160dBc
    517-086698-960/1710-1880/1920-2170/2300-2700MHz300WDIN 7-16 Female-155dBc
    517-071698-960/1710-1880/1920-2170/2300-2700MHz300WDIN 7-16 Female-150dBc
    Twin Quadplexer
    517-074698-960/1710-1880/1920-2170/2300-2700MHz300WDIN 7-16 Female-160dBc