RF Adaptors

i-flex offers a wide range of premium quality RF adaptors, which provide convenient transition between i-flex RF connectors. The excellent designs of the adaptors provide a minimum length, consistent with good electrical performance. Their small size, low VSWR, low PIM, low insertion loss, and broad radio frequency permits a wide range of applications in various system uses. The standard i-flex RF adapters are constructed of tin brass with passivated finish and silver plated brass. All RF adaptors undergo third party testing and approval. i-flex RF adaptors are available in DIN 7-16 connector type and N connector type with complete solution of Male and Female gender combination.


RF adaptors allow for connector type interface changes while maintaining low VSWR and avoid
connector mismatching. Various versions of RF adaptors are available; designers can choose from
small size connectors for internal design and a larger, more rugged version for external use.

*All RF adaptors are available with Male and Female gender combination in 4.3-10 connector type

Order CodeConnector TypeFrequencyPIM
502-012 N-Male to N-MaleDC-11GHz-160dBc
502-001 N-Male to N-MaleDC-11GHz-156dBc
502-013N-Female to N-FemaleDC-11GHz -160dBc
502-002 N-Female to N-FemaleDC-11GHz-156dBc
502-014 N-Male to N-FemaleDC-11GHz -160dBc
502-003 N-Male to N-FemaleDC-11GHz-156dBc
502-015N-Male to N-Female right angleDC-11GHz-160dBc
502-004 N-Male to N-Female rightangleDC-11GHz-156dBc
502-016N-Male to DIN 7-16 MaleDC-7.5GHz -160dBc
502-005 N-Male to DIN 7-16 MaleDC-7.5GHz-156dBc
502-017N-Male to DIN 7-16 FemaleDC-7.5GHz -160dBc
502-006 N-Male to DIN 7-16 FemaleDC-7.5GHz-156dBc
502-018N-Female to DIN 7-16 MaleDC-7.5GHz-160dBc
502-007 N-Female to DIN 7-16 MaleDC-7.5GHz-156dBc
502-019N-Female to DIN 7-16 FemaleDC-7.5GHz-160dBc
502-008 N-Female to DIN 7-16 FemaleDC-7.5GHz-156dBc
502-020DIN 7-16 Male to DIN 7-16 MaleDC-7.5GHz-160dBc
502-009 DIN 7-16 Male to DIN 7-16 MaleDC-7.5GHz-156dBc
502-021DIN 7-16 Female to DIN 7-16 FemaleDC-7.5GHz-160dBc
502-010 DIN 7-16 Female to DIN 7-16 FemaleDC-7.5GHz-156dBc
502-022DIN 7-16 Male to DIN 7-16 FemaleDC-7.5GHz-160dBc
502-011 DIN 7-16 Male to DIN 7-16 FemaleDC-7.5GHz-156dBc