T-6001 (10-200KVA)

The T-6001 is based on fully DSP controlled technology ensuring continuous, clean and pure sinusoidal power delivered to critical applications under a wide range of conditions. The
T-6001 Series is known for its high reliability, user friendly interface and remote-control system, ideal for medium to large data centres, precision equipment and telecom industry.

Product Highlights

  • Parallel redundancy module technology to increase system reliability.
  • Online hot swap feature to reduce system maintenance cost.
  • Mean-Time-Between-Failures (MTBF) is 1.5 times longer than traditional UPS systems.
  • Designed with disk array concept and system modular redundancy.
  • Two-way information monitoring and self-diagnostic functions with intelligent monitoring software.
  • Advanced PFC circuit design.
  • Superior parallel ability, raising the UPS reliability to higher level.
  • Low THDI ≤5% & high input power factor 0.99.
  • Integrates advanced power multi capacities and phase technology.
  • Optional i-power Remote Management System (RMS) available.
  • Optional SNMP card.


  • Small and medium critical load applications
  • Datacentres
  • Communication equipment
  • Precision instruments.
Order-Code 900-347 900-348
Capacity 140kVA/112kW 200kVA/160kW
Power Module 10kVA/8kW : Order Code (900-349) ;
  15kVA/12kW: Order Code (900-350) ;
  20kVA/16kW: Order Code (900-351) ;
Input Voltage 380Vac+N+W, 3 Phase
Input Voltage Range 380Vac+15% -25%(304-478Vac)
Input Frequency Range 50Hz±5%
Input PF 0.99
Soft-Start >60 Seconds
THDI <10%
Input Current (A) 20KVA:N×3×15A, Starting Without Surge Current
Output Voltage Line Voltage: 380×(1±1%)AC Or Phase Voltage: 220×(1±1%)AC
Output PF 0.8
Overall Efficiency >94%
Output Voltage Regulation 380Vac±1%(Static Load),380Vac±2%(50-0% Sudden Change),380Vac±3%(100-0% Sudden Change)
Output Frequency 50Hz±0.1% (BAT Mode)
When Input Or Bypass Frequency In More Than ±8% Or Under BAT Mode
Distortion <2%(Linear Full Load),<3%(Non-Linear Full Load)
3 Phase Unbalanced Allow 3 Phase 100% Unbalanced
Output Volt. Unbalanced Degree ≤1°(Balanced Load),≤2°(50% Balanced Load)
Input/Output Phase Swif T ≤1°(Balanced Load),≤2°(50% Balanced Load)
Frequency Tracking Range 47-63Hz
Output Waveform Pure Sine Wave
Overload 110%: More Than 10 Mins;
  > 125%: More Than 1 Min;
> 150%: 30 Ms Transfer To Bypass;
Crest Ratio 3:1
Static Bypass Transfer Time 0ms
Manual Maintenance Bypass Available
Type Sealed Lead Acid Maintenance Free
Rated Volts/Units (Vdc) ±360Vdc(±30 Units)
BAT Low Shutdown Protection
Module Size (W*D*H) 440×590×131/3U
Cabinet Size (W*D*H) 30U Cabinet:600×800×1516 42U Cabinet: 600x800x2050
Module Net Weight (Kg) 10KVA:19Kg; 15KVA:22Kg; 20KVA:22Kg
Cabinet Net Weight (Kg) 95KG 125
Working Temperature( ⁰C) 0-40
Protections Overload, Shor T-Circuit, Over Temp., Utility Power Voltage High/Low, BAT Voltage High/Low
Voltage High/Low, BAT Voltage High/Low
Display 7 Inch LCD Color Touch Screen(Multi-Language With All Kinds Of Messages)+LED
Communication Port Rs232/SNMP/485/ Dry Contact (Optional Accessory)
Remote Monitoring Software Multi-Functional Monitoring System, Online And BAT Mode Status,
BAT Fault, Remote Control